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Friday, August 1, 2008

White Chocolate Rainbow Muffins and Fruit Loop Clusters

This is my basic muffin recipe yet again, which can be found under labels.

This time , I added white choc chips and a half a cup of coloured sprinkles. And drizzled melted white chocolate to the top once they had cooled.

Not sweet enough for you?

Then I made Fruit Loop Clusters.

Fruit Loops are really a breakfast cereal for children,
and are very high in sugar, so don't make
too many of these if you don't want the tooth
fairy visiting too often.

Very easy to make.

Melt a bar of white cooking chocolate over

boiling water. Add a little, say 50 grams of

vegetable shortening and stir to combine.

Measure into a large bowl 4 cups of the Fruit

Loops and then pour in the melted chocolate

mix. Stir to make sure each loop has chocolate on it.

Then spoon into paper cake cases, put in the fridge or a cool place until they set. Even my BIG kids liked these. Aren't they pretty?

Here are both, muffins and the clusters ready

to be eaten. And can I say, they were

devoured mighty quickly.


Maria said...

Sally these muffins are so cute..I love the ones with the Fruit Loop Clusters, very different and kids would love them!


Anonymous said...

So cute Sal!

Rosie said...

Oh Sally so cute - just love them all :)

Rosie x

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