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Saturday, March 14, 2009

About me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sally and I live on the Central Coast of N.S.W. Australia.
Most people put an up to date photograph of themselves in this spot. But not me. This was taken back in the olden days, when I was a little girl. Look at that cute nose! Ain't so cute now as it has had some 50 odd years to get a lot bigger.
A little bit about my likes. I adore pink. But you could tell that couldn't you. I have a pink bathroom, mainly pink clothes and pink features a lot in my garden as well. I like gardening, blogging, cooking, cake making, photography, and my dear grand daughter.
I collect cake stands and plates, unusual plants and cook books by Nigella and Rachel Allen.
I have been married for 37 years this month, and we have two boys. Charles (33 years old) and James (24 years old). So have been surrounded by boys most of my married life, but thanks to Charles, we have a girl to fuss around and buy pink things for. (YAY)
We have two dogs, Samson and Snickers who thankfully love my cooking, as I cook for them most days. Also have parrots in a large aviary in the garden, which include King parrots, Princess parrots and Grass parrots. If I had my way, there would be many more, as they give me such pleasure.


Anonymous said...

I love the new look Sal, it's very you!

Anonymous said...

Look great Sal, well done.

Anonymous said...

Really pretty Sal, love the new look.
Francesca x

Coby said...

Aww always knew you'd be a beautiful baby! The site is fab Hottie, well done:D Who'd could have guessed that darling little bub would grow up with not just good looks but so much talent too!?:)

Sarah Nicole said...

You were a gorgeous child Sally! The blog looks fantastic! I hope you have even more fun with it than ever before.

Anna said...

What a cute pic Sal!
Your blog looks great, well done

Semlan said...

Sally I L O V E the new layout of your blog!! WOW!! And the picture of baby-you.... Adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful blog! I've just had a quick look but will be back later when I have more time! Love, dextersmummy (from Nigella.com) xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow Fab blog was very impressed wicked! Oh I am blown away by the presentaion and the thought tht has gone into your blog! How wonderful and tasteful you rock !sally cheers lovely lady!
kai moana xx