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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Marbled Eggs

This is not my idea, I saw it on another blog
but for the life of me, can I remember who's?
NO. I am sorry, but the credit goes to you
for giving me the idea. The other blogger
used green tea to colour her's. I didn't as I
had none.
Some are done with normal tea, some with
rose pink food colouring and others with yellow
food colouring. Not too happy with the last.

What did I do?

Boiled the eggs for 2 minutes only in water and
white vinegar. (Vinegar to stop the eggs from
Then I took then out of that water, gave them
a couple of taps with a spoon so as to crack
them, but not too hard.
Then I put them back into water again in a
saucepan with the different colourings in each.
3 in all, in my case.
Boiled again for a further 5 minutes and then
allowed to cool in their coloured water.
When totally cool, I peeled them very carefully
and to my surprise, it worked.


Rhyleysgranny said...

They are gorgeous Sal so pretty.I must try that.It must have looked like little witches' cauldrons all bubbling away with their different colours

Linda F said...

So pretty Sally, I think my daughter would love to have a good looking egg like that in her lunch box too!:)

Sally said...

Granny...It was, it was.lol.
Linda... You must do them for your daughter, she will be the talk of the playground.

cakebrain said...

Mmm. I love tea eggs! I usually make mine with the traditional Chinese spices and soy in the tea. However, now that I've seen pink ones, I'm going to have to try that too! Looks great!

Sarah Nicole said...

Hottie I love them!

Coby said...

Hottie, they are stunning! Each Easter after we've coloured our eggs, half the fun is seeing what the egg looks like under the shell:) We've never deliberately done what you did, but we will now:) Thank you for the idea - I can see mauve and teal green in our future eggs;)

Anonymous said...

They're so pretty Sal, I'll give them a go but not for me - I don't like hard boiled eggs.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

dear sally
i simply love this innovative thought and would like to surprise my son and his friends, when they come over ...and thanks for acknowledging my commment and passing by...

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

I love them.....so pretty.

Rosie said...

Really gorgeous Sally!!

Rosie x

Nickki said...

Wow, they look so pretty Sally! Lovely idea.

Maria said...

Oh these are so pretty, love them!