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Friday, August 1, 2008


Another award form the very talented, foodie, writer and blog keeper. Kitchen Goddess. She is writing her own cook book at the moment and is about to get it published. How she finds the time, I do not know. But her love of writing and food shows in her blog, do go and visit her.


It states on her blog that I must pass this on. To me there is no question to whom I shall give this too. All the girls who write on this very new blog and are doing great stuff. Coby, Gail, Nickki and the others who are writers on this exciting blog.


Your's for the taking girls. A big THANK YOU to K.G.


Anonymous said...

You're most welcome Sal, your blog is a joy :)

Great choice re the award too.


Nickki said...

Thank you so much Sally! xx