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Monday, August 11, 2008

Three CHOCOLATES, Muffins.

Not more muffins, did I hear you say? YES. We love them and they are so easy to make. See basic muffin recipe under my labels.

What a handy little delight these are too. Ideal in lunch boxes, for morning coffee break, with an afternoon cup of tea or as a dessert after dinner. In fact, any time of day you just get the nibbles.

For these, I added 1/2 a cup of cocoa and a full cup of dark chocolate chips. When they were cooled from the oven, I melted white cooking chocolate with a little bit of Copha (vegetable shortening) When it had cooled a little, I spooned it on to the top of each muffin and then dressed it with broken up pieces of dark Cadbury's Flake.

Hence the three CHOCOLATES.

My lovely muffin cases came from an excellent cake decorating supply shop at Castle Hill in N.S.W. And they are online too. Here is the link.....

Would you like to see a muffin close up? Just don't blame me if you get drool all over your keyboard. LOL


JillyB said...

I'm just mopping up the dribble! Sal, those are great and I love the cake cases. We must go back there to re-stock!!

Sally said...

Jilly, have just done a restock online (2000 cases)Am amazed that they came so quickly. Love the place. Such good quality stuff too.

Nickki said...

WOW they look soooo good Sally. :)

Maria said...

Oh Sally these are gorgeous!!

I love the little gold plate ;o)


Coby said...

oh STOP! Just stop it already!

:) A girl is only human!

Sally said...

Thank you girls, Maria, Nickki and Coby.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Sal, wow!!

Rosie said...

Sally your cupcakes are absolutely fantastic!!

Rosie x