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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Middle Eastern (Harissa) Chicken Tenderloins

I am sure all you good cooks out there already
know about HARISSA. A middle eastern spice.
It's new to me and I adore the flavour it gives
to almost everything I use it on and in.
I have been using McCormicks as it is already
made up. The contents read.....

Red Pepper.

A few days ago, I made Chicken tenders.
First I gave an egg wash to all the tenders,
and then I coated them in flour and Harissa
mixed together.
Then I fried them in a mix of good olive oil
and butter. A couple of minutes each side and
drained them on paper towel.
I had made a simple salad of lettuce leaves
shredded, onions, corn and capsicum.
Which I dressed with shop bought mayo,
a little white vinegar and 2 teaspoons of
the Harissa spices. (All shook up)

The meal was delightful, a sweet yet savoury

salad, the warmth of the tenderloins and the
garlic/cheese bread married very well together.
Finished off with a good dollop of sour cream
and chives.
Might have to give making my own Harissa a
go in the future.


Nickki said...

Looks delicious Sally. I've never tried harrisa but looking at your picture makes me want to try it now! :)

Coby said...

Oh GOOD LORTY Hottie! That meal is sooooo ME! Yummo! You're a clever chickie to be so creative:)

JillyB said...

That looks so good yet so simple! Well done Sal!

Linda F said...

I'm with Coby, looks like something I could happily get stuck into!

Anonymous said...

Yum!! So simple yet so good. I could eat it right now.

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