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Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday cake for Moi.

It's still very hot here in N.S.W. and I certainly wasn't going to put the oven on to make my own birthday cake, however, if my birthday was in the cooler months, I would have. So...
The TIRAMISU cake was got from *THE CHEESECAKE SHOP*. And was meant to serve 16 people, but this was so delicious, it is almost gone and only 5 people have had some. Yes, they were BIG serves. I had mine with a glass of Tia Maria on ice. Went with it very well indeed.
Happy birthday to me, YAY.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sal!!!!

Gorgeous cheesecake :) Are they pistachios round the side?


Lucy said...

Happy Birthday Sally!!!

Your cake looks YUMMY!!

arista said...

Happy Birtday Hottie! Looks like a lovely cake, glad you managed to put your feet up and have a nice big slice with a glass of something nice. Bottoms up!

Sally said...

Hi George. They are pieces of almonds and little bits of chocolate around the side.xxx
Thank you Lucy and Arista.xxxxxx

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Sally from a fellow aquarian! That cheesecake looks gorgeous - good choice! :)

Jacqui said...

Hope you had a wonderful b'day. Why not treat yourself to what looks like a wonderful cake. At least there was an excuse.

Maria said...

Happy Birthday Sally!!

Hope you have a wonderful day. The cake looks so yummy and I love Tiramisu.


Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Sally!!!

Your cake looks gorgeous! Have a lovely day sweetie :)

Rosie x

Coby said...

iiiiiiiHappy Birthday Hottieiiiiiii
What a fabulous choice for your birthday cake! Nothing less than you deserve:D