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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Superb meal at Indian Restaurant

Last weekend, we visited a superb Indian

restaurant in Toukley. N.S.W.

Here is their website, so you can check out the

excellent menu for yourselves.


The service was very friendly and quick. Chef Anil was only too pleased to tell me how he made

the Kashmiri Pulao (top picture) and I am sure he would pass on any other recipes any one would ask for. Such a nice man and eager to please.

The next picture is of one of the mains we had.

Seafood Fantasia. And it was. Mussels were left in the kitchen for this, as we don't like mussels.

So it was Prawns and Calamari in a delightfully spicy, rich, but not overly hot sauce.

This is the Beef Vindaloo that hubby ordered.

A little too hot for my tastes, but he said the beef was very tender and very tasty indeed.

Just love the silver bowls that the mains were served in, don't you?

This next picture is of my main, Mango Chicken.
Chicken breasts and mango cooked in a very mild curry sauce.
Described on the menu as *Kiddie friendly* It was absolutely gorgeous.
Sweet and fruity, and went so well with the
Kashmiri Pulao.

I actually forgot I had my camera with me, so only managed to get photo's of the mains.
Entrees we ordered were..
Spring Rolls.
Garlic & Peppered Prawns & Calamari.
All served with a fab mint Yogurt.
Also had plain Basmati rice with the mains.
For sides, we ordered...
Tomato and onion.
Mango Chutney.
Mixed Pickles.
Cucumber Raita. (To die for)
Plain Naan and Garlic Naan.

So please, if you are in this area, go see Anil and Mani, and tell them I sent you. It was one of the best Indian meals I have ever eaten.

Thank you Toukley Indian Restaurant, we shall be back.


Rosie said...

What an absolutely gorgeous night out with great Indian food! It makes a difference when the service is good and Chef Anil what a star.

Rosie x

Nazarina A said...

Sally, I would have loved to go with you to partake in all these delicious goodies!! Most of all I would have made you talked all night because I cannot resist that Aussie accent!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I love Indian food!

Your blog has so many good dishes on it. I'm hungry now!

I also want to come to your side of the world and eat at your house. LOL