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Friday, January 30, 2009

Beauty tip number 1

Straight from the mouths of babes. Spread cream, (any cream) all over the face, trying not to get it into the hair, then try kissing everybody in sight.

What fun we had yesterday, my dear sweet

grandchild came for afternoon tea.
I came across a long forgotten favorite of mine from my local bakers. Must be at least twenty years since I have had a CREAM BUN.
The bun itself is very much like a Hot Cross Bun, but instead of the cross, it is split almost to the bottom and filled with artificial cream, and then a good dollop of raspberry jam in the middle. Finished off with a dusting of icing sugar.
Yes, we managed to finish all six of them and then proceeded to make a big sticky mess of every bodies face with a hug and kisses. Me included. (No, you are not seeing the photo's of that)
Yes, I know I could have made them myself,
but the weather is so warm here at the moment
(correction HOT) that I am not putting that oven
on until it gets a lot cooler.


Coby said...

Oh HOTTIE my favourites from school! Every Friday when I was in tech, I had money for lunch. I used to always buy myself a cream bun for morning tea:D That was my very special treat:):) I'd always eat the bun (which meant balancing the cream and jam on my fingers - not my most elegant moment, no) before licking the cream away. I loved that fake cream! They look exactly the same:) I am thrilled that you and your beautiful granddaughter enjoyed them Hottie, yes, too much to make them right now!

Jacqui said...

Kids are so much fun in the kitchen. They're messy but who cares it's good to be a kid occassionally. Your grandaughter looks delightful

Anna said...

Ooh, I haven't had a cream cake for ages! Lovely, I used to love those when I was younger.
Your Grand-daughter looks adorable!

arista said...

Cream cakes - yum. Soft bun, cream, jam and icing sugar - how can you possibly not get messy?!

Nazarina A said...

This cream bun is heaven on a plate! You are such a tease!!!! Your grandchild is adorable!