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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Semi Dried Tomatoes.

Okay, okay. I expect a few of you have already done this, but this was only my second time and am thrilled to bits with the results.
I used a lovely recipe from a dear cyber friend and blogger, Coby from
I used my own home grown cherry tomatoes and basil. I then, after being in the oven, put them in to a olive oil that is infused with garlic and chili. The aroma coming from the container they are in is divine. Sweet, garlicy and almost toffee like tomatoes. Does that make sense? Am that impressed with my semi dried toms that today I bought some Roma tomatoes, and they are sliced and ready to go in to a slow oven in the morning.
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Options of one or more of: Crushed or sliced garlic, grated ginger, sugar (I always like a little sugar), basil leaves torn, finely chopped chillies, extra virgin olive oil.


1. Set oven to 100 degrees C or less.

2. Clean and dry any type of tomatoes, though I favour Roma, and the cherry ones work well too. Remove core, and cut into pieces, remembering that the drying process will shrink them somewhat. If using cherry tomatoes, just halve through the core. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and any other options you're choosing to use.

3. Put tomatoes on a baking paper lined baking tray, skin side down. Dry slowly. Expect them to take at least three hours, When done remove from oven. Leave to cool slightly before storing in clean jars filled with olive oil - store in fridge.
My little cherry toms only took 2 hours in the oven. I think the Roma's will take the three hours to do.


arista said...

I LOVE semi dried toms, would love to try to make my own. yours look delicious Hottie. In fact I might do some today because the oven warmth and delicious smell will cheer the house up - it's so rainy outside and damp inside!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I know I would love these and I have never done this before.

It's not summer here so we have no home grown tomatoes yet but this summer I'm going to make this recipe for sure.