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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Knit up a cosy for BREAST CANCER.

This is such a worthwhile cause. Please, everyone, get involved.

The dear ladies of the CWA (Exeter. N.S.W. Australia) are doing more than their bit. Have a look....http://crazycozies.blogspot.com/

And with our help, either by knitting, crocheting, sewing or simply donating they should reach their target.

There are some lovely patterns on the site too, to give you inspiration. They have just had their first entry from a lady called *Glad*. Hers is a heart warming story too.

I am sure we all have some spare yarn or wool stored in our cupboards, just waiting to be made in to a tea pot cosy. And if you are a bad knitter, like me, they promise not to laugh. So, go on, GET INVOLVED.


EmmCee said...

Mwaa Sal! I appreciate you doing your bit for the cause.

Thank you!

Surely we can count on you for a pink number?

Sally said...

Already in the pipeline Emmcee. lol.