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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vanilla Apple Cake.

A box of Apples was a very recent purchase at a very good price. I mainly bought them so I could have a store of frozen apples in the freezer, ready to use. But there was nearly a 100 apples in the box, far too many for my already bursting at the seams freezer.
So, off I went searching the blogs for some nice recipes using apples. And found this on Rosie's blog. http://rosiebakesapeaceofcake.blogspot.com
I made a couple of changes, ie: had no Demerara sugar, so used raw instead. And used some of the partially cooked apples instead of raw apples. For the topping, I used raw sugar and mixed spice instead of the cinnamon.
This cake is moist, sweet, fruity and a keeper. I shall make this often, there's only one small slice left.
Thank you Rosie.
Please visit Rosie to see the full recipe.


Blissful Nikki said...

Thank you so much for Joining Cook It, Blog it
Brought to you by The Gourmet Momma and Project: Domestic Bliss!
I can't wait to check out all of your creative foodie ideas!

Sally said...

Thank you Blissful Nikki.
Great to be with you. Love Sally.

Rosie said...

Sally your Vanilla Apple Cake turned out beautiful!! Thank you so much for the mention too very sweet of you :0)

Rosie x

Semlan said...

Oh it looks beautiful! You are so talented, and with those flowers!! What a photo! Well done darling xxx

Maria said...

This is definitely a great cake and I chose this recipe for our Sweet and Simple Bakes last year and it was a big hit with all the bakers! Yours looks really delish.