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Monday, September 1, 2008

Spring has sprung.

And the garden is alive with new shoots, citrus blossom, wisteria is showing a little colour in it's buds, the roses have their bronzed new leaves appearing. Lets hope we can keep the bugs off them this year. Daffodils a plenty in the shops, but not in my garden, as I don't have any. The jasmine is in full flower and making me feel a little giddy with the gorgeous perfume.

The birds are singing and making eyes at each other, they will soon be nesting. My parrots are looking for nesting material too, so must get some together for them. They seem to like my *old mans beard*. Thankfully I have loads. So won't miss it.

This is just the best time of year in the garden, so many things are happening. And there's not enough hours in the day to get everything I wish done.

We are having our pool renovated at the moment too. We are going from a pale (boring) blue, to a bright and happy colour called WISTERIA. Which should look very good as we have the plant growing along the back fence of the pool area.

Would love to show you some pictures of the flowers I picked today,some I bought from the florist, some of my parrots, and a few others of the garden. Which I am very proud of.

That is a pic of my Tibouchina, fantastic isn't it? The parrot is a blue Princess parrot and the two together is a green Princess parrot and a female King parrot.

Spring has sprung The grass has riz I wonder where the boidies is The boids is on the wing! Don't be absoid! Da wings is on the boid!

Attributed by many to Spike Milligan of the BBC's "Goon Show"


Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Sal what lovely pictures,I am so jealous,you are just coming into springtime and here we are starting to loose the leaves from the trees,autumn is on it's way for us.

Rosie said...

Oh Sally these are such beautiful pics! Springtime is my favourite time of the year I am so jealous as the nights are starting to pull in here in the uk & it will soon be autumn once again - sigh.

Rosie x

JillyB said...

A fabulous looking picture Sally! The flowers in your garden are looking good and I love the colour of your pool!