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Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Muffins

Oh, these were so delicious but they didn't last long. Maybe something to do with son and grand daughter visiting. Made 14 and the next day there was 2. Great straight from the oven or slightly warmed in the microwave.

Basic recipe can be found under my labels.

To this I added..

1 cup diced fresh Strawberries.

1 cap of Strawberry essence.

And a few drops of red food colouring was folded in at the end just to give a swirl effect.

These were so good. If you have a good recipe, I say "Stick to it" Have been making these now for a long time, and never had a failure.


Rosie said...

Oh gosh I bet they were delicious sally they certainly look it in your lovely pics :)

Rosie x

Maria said...

Sally these Strawberry muffins looks delish and not surprised they didn't last long!


Sally said...

Thank you Rosie and Maria.