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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Strawberry Trifle.

I have made the traditional sherry trifle many times, and usually at Christmas time. But having found a new series of liqueurs recently, (well, new to me) I really wanted to see if this would work, and it did.
The liqueurs are VOK made here in Australia. With some really sexy and delicious cocktails at their website. www.voktails.com.au (Have a look at *Sex on the Beach*)
I used the Orange Curacao in the Chocolate Orange Cake. (See under my labels)
I also wanted to try it with making blancmange instead of the custard, but when it came to the making, I had no cornflour. So good old BIRDS CUSTARD with a dash of strawberry essence did the trick.
I used shop bought sponge but you could use
your own.

To make your layers.
Slice cake and put in bottom of large bowl.
Dollop strawberry jam over this.
Pour the Strawberry liqueur over the cake.
Then soak over night.
Make 1 litre of custard and allow to cool.
Put over the soaked cake.
(I let mine get very cold in the fridge, before adding the cream.)
Whip cream until it forms peaks.
Spread over the custard.
Decorate with fresh strawberries.

Do hope you have fun with making yours and do visit that web site. They have some lovely recipes there. I am a big VOK fan now, and will be getting the Melon next.


Coby said...

Gosh that looks stunning Hottie! Gorgeous colours! Pretty bowl too - delish all around I think:)

Sally said...

Thank you Coby. The bowl that the trifle is in, is actually a salad bowl with silver serving spoons too. Must get a proper trifle bowl one day soon. Te He.

Lucy said...

That's a Yummy Factor INDEED!! Boy that looks so good ;-)

Rosie said...

Stunning trifle my hubby would adore this being a huge fan of trifle :)

Rosie x

Rhyleysgranny said...

Sal that looks lovely. Your photos are stunning too.