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Monday, January 26, 2009

Lemon and Lime Cheesecake (Australia Day)

I made this today to celebrate Australia Day (26-01-09)

85g Original Lemon
½ cup boiling water
500g cream cheese, softened
125g (½ packet) Marie biscuits, crushed
150g melted butter
85g Original Jelly - Your Choice (I used LIME)
450ml additional water

Dissolve the Lemon Delicious Jelly in ½ cup boiling water.
Allow to cool slightly, then whisk with cream cheese until smooth.
Combine the crushed Marie biscuits and butter and press into the base of a 30cm round or square pan.
Pour over the cream cheese filling, then spread evenly to cover the biscuit base.
Prepare additional Jelly according to the pack instructions. Allow to cool to an egg white consistency, then gently pour over the filling. Set until firm, then cut into slices.
Thank you to http://www.aeroplanejelly.com.au/ for yet another lovely recipe. What could be more Australian than this green and gold dessert?


Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo Hottie, a fitting tribute to Australia Day.

What is Original Lemon as mentioned in the recipe?

Francesca x

Jacqui said...

Sounds yummy.
Happy Australia day.

arista said...

Looks cool and refreshing, very pretty!

Coby said...

I am going to seriously inspect the jelly packet shelf! So many flavours that are unfamiliar:) I SO want a slice Hottie! SO WANT ONE NOW!!!:P

Sally said...

Sorry Coby, all gone! Add the AEROPLANE JELLY site to your favs, you will be using it a lot.
Fran, Original Lemon is a flavour of jelly by AEROPLANE JELLY and is delish.
Arista and Jacqui, THANK YOU.
Aeroplane jelly site has visited this blog now and are impressed.

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Sal I love that cheesecake, you can't help but smile at that picture, a fitting celebration.

Maria said...

Wow what a gorgeous cheesecake!! I love that lime jelly topping.

joy said...

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