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Friday, January 9, 2009

More Cake Stands.

Carrying on from another post, more cake stands. The one above is very useful for small cakes and slices. White china decorated with pink and purple flowers and a mock gold handle.
Very hard to photograph, but this is a simple glass cake stand with dome. Shows every finger print on it and is not used that often, for that reason.
This one is made of a chunkier glass and is used at least once a week. Happens to be one of my cheapest bought, as I got it from an op shop for only a few dollars, some years ago.
And last, not a cake stand, but an airtight cake tin, which I also got for Christmas last year. It has a fruit cake in it at the moment and it is keeping it lovely and fresh.
As you have most likely noticed, I have a small collection at the present time, but I do hope to carry on this collection. Have seen two others that I MUST have. But where am I going to keep them? I will find a place.
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Coby said...

LOL I was going to ask where you keep your current collection Hottie! I love your pieces, but am especially taken with your least used piece as I desperately hope to find a cake stand with a 'lid' one day. Never had the good fortune to find one in an op shop as you did with your lovely everyday stand (yet). You can never have too many beautiful things, so I wonder, will we get to see the two other pieces you have your eye on soon????:)

Mary said...

Its not easy to find nice cake stands , i really love the first one .

Kelly-Jane said...

They are all beautiful! I like your domed one especially it's really unusual in its shape :)

arista said...

Very nice cake stands, Hottie - I love the glass dome one but can see what you mean about fingerprints. It's the sort of cake stand you'd probably use all the time if you had servants to polish everything for you!