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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That's a wrap.

Well, I certainly have heard of them, but never used them before now. Why was I not told how good these can be?
What am I talking about? Lebanese bread. I came across them in my local fruit and veg shop at the week-end, a pack of 6 for 99 cents. So one pack was got to give them a try. Have since been back and got two more packs for the freezer. I can see so many possibilities for these.
This is what I did for these.

Hommus spread all over the bread.
Then, down the centre, Cajun spiced chicken breast,
sliced Spanish red onion,
sliced Kumato black tomato,
shredded Cos lettuce,
grated Cheddar cheese,
and a dash of Zulu hot chili sauce.
Then I rolled it and cut it into more manageable pieces.
This was so good for my first try of them, I certainly will be doing other combinations in the future. Truly an International dish here, with the Lebanese bread, Cajun chicken, Spanish onion, Japanese tomato, Italian lettuce, English cheese and the fiery Zulu sauce. Have you used them yet? What is your favorite combination?

For those interested in the black tomato. Here is a link. And THANK YOU Taste.com.au
So, not Japanese as I said, but from the Galapagos Islands.


Mary said...

Hi Sally, i love this wrap , it makes a great snack o lunch . Actually i must say it reminds me so much of when i was back home and when at work i'd grb a snack similar thru my break.
cheers Mary!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

I agree Lebanese bread is great, especially with some fabulous spread on it to give it a bit of moisture and salad to also do the same :)

Coby said...

That's a combo I could go for Hottie for sure:) Looks yummy too! I really love tabouli in mine, with felafel or warm lamb or chicken any old way. It always needs a spread-come-dip as you've done and I think the Middle Eastern ones work best, so if not hommus then a beautiful smokey baba ganooj would do me:D Also is Kumato another variety of black tomato or the new name for what used to be called Russian blacks (lol or black Russians I can't remember which)?

Sally said...

So you all know this bread? Like I said before, never tried it 'til now. Boy have I been missing something great here.
Coby.... Yes it is a new tomato, the blacker it is, the riper. So sweet. Each time I go to the local vegie shop now, Loius the owner, gets his knife out and we share one together. Juice running down our forearms. Quite often we get customers asking what they are, as we eat one.
If I can find seedlings, will give them a go next season, in my vegie patch.

Coby said...

Thanks Hottie, I've wondered for a while as my mum grows this other black tomato and I never did know if they were the same thing. I love tomatoes anyway, so it's much better to have that extra variety:) I'm a bit of a bready nut, whenever I see a new name I have to give it a go! Especially right now as I don't get the chance to make any myself. If I came across your wrap looking like that I'd dive in even if I'd just eaten it looks THAT good:)

Coby said...

Hi Hottie, I found this, all about the black tomatoes:)


Thought it might be of interest:)

Rhyleysgranny said...

I have never seen Lebanese bread for sale here Sal. Wraps are usually made with tortillas. Strangely I was looking at recipes for it yesterday but it is quite footery to make and i didn't have time. I must think again. Your wraps look and sound really tasty. I've never seen black tomatoes either. Fascinating