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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh so easy, Risotto cheesey.

I have never made Risotto before and the very thought of standing in one place and stirring for up to 20 mins, really turned me off doing it.
But a recipe from Nigella Express kept calling me. So off to the supermarket to get the Arborio rice (as I did not keep it in the store cupboard) and some white wine. Plenty of mixed reds but not a drop of white in the house.
I also got some rather nice Sopressa sausage which I had sliced very thinly.
Then got all the ingreds together.

I then set the table and made a simple salad of mixed lettuce leaves, avacado and Snow pea shoots.

Now, to start the Risotto, fry the onions in a little butter and add the rice while stirring, mustard and winein next, stirring all the time.

Start ladling in the hot stock a little at a time and stirring constantly, more stock, stir, more stock, stir. Until all the stock is in and the rice is al dente.

Stir in the cheese and sausage in my case. Keep stirring and take off heat and plate up on to warmed dishes.

Enjoy your meal. We did. And I shall be making this again and again.

I put ribbons of the Sopresso sausage on top with some chives and more grated cheese.
For those of you that are interested, this came from Nigella Express, written by the ever gorgis Nigella Lawson. Page 176.


Rhyleysgranny said...

Sal this looks so delish. I don't like risotto but am oh so tempted to try again with this

Sally said...

That was quick Granny, the ink was hardly dry. LOL.
Thank you, yes it is a must that you try it.

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Looks great Sally, I love risotto ( with pancetta is my fave) never tried a chedder version though.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Rhyleysgranny said...

I made it. I made it and it's lovely.
Thank you

noble pig said...

Oh my gosh, this looks absolutely wonderful. Risotto is always so scary but this looks easy eanough!

Sophie said...

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