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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Basic Fried Rice

A very basic fried rice that you can add anything too and change the taste and look of.

You will need...

4 cups Long Grain RICE



Oil or Dripping for frying (I love the taste that the dripping gives to the rice)

Frozen PEAS. (a handful)

Frozen CORN (a handful)

2 Spring ONIONS (sliced)
Some diced CARROT

BACON (Diced)

This is where you could play around a little

Bacon/Chicken/Prawns/Pork/Beef can all be used.

I love my electric WOK, but you can use the real thing (lol)

or a large frypan.


Cook the rice first, I boil mine on the stove for 12 mins. Drain if needed and set aside.

Now fry the Onion and Bacon.

Add the vegies and stir.

Now add the cooked Rice and stir 'till well combined.

Sprinkle a dash of Soy sauce and stir again.

This is all done on a high heat, so please remember to

keep stirring.

Now dress with the sliced Spring Onion.

And it is ready to be served.

We had ours with Chicken tenders in a spicy coating of Chilli and Sesame seeds.

With 2 dipping sauces.

Basic Sweet and Sour, and a Ginger, soy and sweet chilli.

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