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Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Humble Spud

I love Potato's. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The United Nations has declared 2008, International Year of the POTATO.

There are so many different ways of cooking and serving this wonderful vegetable.
Baked, roasted, boiled, fried, sauteed, etc, etc.
This is one of my favorites, and it can be changed to suit what you have in the store cupboard.
The amounts are not exact and very slap hazard, but then I am that type of cook.

You will need:
Grated cheese.
Spring onions. (diced)
Capsicum. (diced)
Sour cream. (optional)
Ham or Bacon. (diced)


Wash and prick some large potato's.
Place in oven (180c) and cook until ready.
Cut them in half and scoop out the flesh, leaving the skins intact.
Place flesh into a large bowl and mash together with butter, milk and/or sour cream.
Then add all other ingreds to the mix and mix in well.
Put the mix back into the skins and top with a little more of the grated cheese and seasoning.
Put all filled skins on to a tray and pop under the grill to brown.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Sally. I love the humble spud too.

Victoria Sponge said...

Sally, I love your heart shaped spud and your recipe looks and sounds gorgeous. You can't beat a good spud, can you?
Vicky xxx

Kerry said...

Yum, I love spuds too. Your recipe sounds wonderful.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

That heart shaped spud is so cool! I love potatoes too :) Not so humble at all!

Teresa said...

That sounds delicious Sal. I'll give that a try soon.

Rosie said...

I just love the humble spud Sally! Awe just look at your heart shaped one how cute is that. Just loving your recipe too :)

Rosie x

Sally said...

I have to thank Google images for the heart shaped spud. How could you cut that up? I know I couldn't.
Sal. x x x x x

Rhyleysgranny said...

That looks delish Sal. Have you Irish blood in you somewhere:)

Kelly-Jane said...

I just love potaotes, these look great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal, me again. I've tagged you, please pop over to my blog

Pam said...

I too LOVE potatoes - I was born in Idaho so I think it's mandatory. Great recipe - it looks delicious.