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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good old favorite.

I think this would have to be the most cooked dish around the world, and I know it's a big hit in my house. But I am really interested to know how you do yours.
Is it a traditional recipe that you have always used or is it something that has evolved through time?

What am I talking about?


I think the most important thing with this recipe, is to use as many fresh ingreds as possible. And I always make sure I can.

Okay, what did I use?

500 gms lean beef mince
1 diced onion
2 tablesps of mixed Italian herbs
A good dollop of Tomato Paste
1 tin diced Tomatoes
Garlic (lots)
About a cup of diced Capsicum
1 jar of Passata Rustica (crushed Toms)
1 teasp of sugar
1 glass of red wine
Olive oil
Hot water
Parmigiano Reggiano (grated)
Dry fry the beef mince and then add the diced onion. Next, just start adding all other ingreds.
Stir and simmer for at least half an hour then let stand for as long as poss.
When you are ready to eat, put on a pot of water to boil and add a good slurp of the olive oil. WHY? So the spaghetti does not stick together. When it's AL Dante, drain water off and toss in a knob of butter, stir and place in dishes. Place the sauce on top and serve with Garlic bread and sliced Zucchini.
I am not a lover of red wine (Hubby is) love it in cooking but much prefer to have a crisp white wine with my meal.
NOW, please tell me how you do your's. Does it differ from mine? Do tell.


Rhyleysgranny said...

Mmmm Sal love Spag Bol. Mine is not so very different.
I use lots of garlic too. I use two tins of plum tomatoes and do not mush them until the end of cooking. I found this tip ages ago. Something to do with the tomatoes being bitter.I add some dried chilli too for a bit of kick. The one thing I do that makes a big difference is cook it in the oven. A Jamie Oliver thing I picked up. It really tastes much better than doing it on the hob. Even better if you leave it to sit overnight. Try it I think you'll be surprised.

Kerry said...

Sal, it's been so long since I made spag bol. I make mine with pork mince, a brown onion, lots of garlic, 2 cans of crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, diced bacon, fresh basil, thyme and oregano, and leave it to simmer gently for a couple of hours. I may just have to make some this week