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Monday, July 21, 2008

GarLICKED Scrolls

Oh, I had fun making these and naming them too.

Pastry licked with garlic then rolled after a few

other things have been added as well.

Now as I have said before many times,

I DON"T DO PASTRY, I can't, doesn't work.

So this is shop bought frozen pastry.

I know, shock horror. But my family now know

that's what they get.

You will need..

Pastry sheets (I used 6)

Grated Cheddar.

Grated Parmesan.

Diced Capsicum. (Red and yellow)

Spring Onions. (sliced small)

Crushed Garlic.

Olive oil (good quality) (1/2 cup)

Tomato Paste. (about 1/2 a cup again)

Baking trays. (well greased and papered)

I forgot to do this and spent a long time

getting them off the trays. (a senior moment)

Lets get started...

Put the crushed Garlic into the olive oil,

and leave to infuse while you get the rest ready.

Lay the sheets on kitchen work bench.

Oven at 190c.

Dice and grate the things you are going to use.

Spread Tom paste on one half of all sheets.

And spread the garlicked O/O on other half.

Now put down the middle the diced vegies.

Then, the 2 Cheeses.

Now you are ready to roll.

Once all rolled, you can then slice.

Put each slice on to baking tray and press down

a little.

Brush each slice with any remaining O/O.

And put into the oven for around 20 minutes.

Or until pastry is golden and crispy.

Please, do have a go at these. They are fun to make and very easy to eat. And even better when eaten while still warm from the oven.


Anonymous said...

They look fabulous Sal, great pics too :)


Nickki said...

They look so good Sally, very tasty :)

Coby said...

Hottie, the photo where you have the ingredients spread over ready for rolling looks like art! I love savoury flavours, what a great creation:) I love to make my own (some styles), but I still think bought pastry is pretty much indispensable in my kitchen too!

Sally said...

Thank you Coby, I thought that too, but finger painting.
Yes Nikki, tasty indeed.
Thank you George.

Rhyleysgranny said...

They look mouth watering. Fabulous pics Sal

Lucy said...

Simply delicious!! I love combination you've used... YUMMO!

Sally said...

Thank you Lucy, sweet of you to say.

Lucy said...

Sally, here's that plate information you requested ;-)

Name of the plate is : Precious
Made by Nikko Fine Tableware


at this site they state that there's red, no red in my plates, a dark dusty rose I would call it, & their photo does it no justice...

I certainly wished that I had room for storage, because dishes are my downfall, truly ;-)

Sally said...

Lucy......Thank you for the info on the plate. They have finished making it now, stopped this year.
But like you, it is my downfall too. So am on the hunt for just one small plate to add to my collection.The hunt is half the fun. LOL

Lucy said...

Sally, Ooooh the love of plates will do me in ;-).. I had admired those plates when I 1st saw them... I took the plunge w/o hesitation, good luck w/the hunt.. or how about doing the "traveling plates" now that would be fun LOL!

JillyB said...

Sal, these look so good and are something that I can get Little One cooking too!!

Kerry said...

Sal, these look fantastic.

Semlan said...

Yes Granny, Mouthwatering is the word!!!! Delicious!!