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Monday, October 27, 2008

Jessie Tweddles Fruit Loaf.

Who is Jessie Tweddle?

Jessie Tweddle was a friend of the mother of Rhyleysgranny. Rhyleysgranny writes the excellent blog at http://teandwheatenbread.blogspot.com
This is a very old recipe and has been used many thousands of times, all with great success.
Both ladies have since pasted over and it is up to Rhyleysgranny to keep this recipe going.

Here is the original recipe.

4 oz marg/butter.
4oz brown sugar.
8 oz mixed fruit.
1 Teacup cold tea.
1 level teasp Bicarbonate of soda.
8 oz SR Flour.
1 teasp mixed spice.
1 egg.

Simmer marg/butter, sugar,fruit,
tea, soda bic. for 20 mins.
Allow to cool, add egg flour and spice.
Bake in a loaf tin at 350.F/180.C/Gas 4
until skewer comes out clean.

Cherries and nuts can be added if desired.

Now, I had no mixed spice, so used ginger and cinnamon.

Also, we are not that keen on mixed dried fruit, so pineapple and sultanas were used.
And before putting into the oven, I sprinkled raw sugar over the top of the uncooked cake.
This loaf/cake is just fabulous, not too sweet, moist, and ideal with a cuppa in the afternoons. In future, I shall be making two at a time. One for now and one for the freezer.
A BIG Thank You to Jessie Tweddle and Rhyleysgranny, who hopefully soon will do a write up on her blog, all about this dear lady.



Rhyleysgranny said...

Bless you Sal. I wonder what Jessie would make of all this. Your version looks lovely

Coby said...

A truly international recipe now! I love the measures include a 'teacup' measure, there just aren't enough recipes with this as a measure:) It sounds lovely, though can any tea be used? Also, roughly how long does it take to bake please? Thanks to Hottie, Granny, Granny's mum and Jessie:D

Sally said...

Hi Coby. Lovely isn't it? Yes, any tea can be used, I used tradional. How long to bake? Mine was 40 mins.
Love Sally.

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Do you know, I need to bake this cake. It's almost a cake celebrity, lol.
I like your variation too.

Jacqui said...

I too have a very similar recipe from my Granny which I blogged in Sept. The "teacup" is now in the possesion of my daughter who will hopefully carry on the tradition. Grannys the world over are passing this down to the next generation. Long may the tradition continue.

Rosie said...

Oh my goodness this cake looks marvellous Sally!!

Rosie x

Cakebrain said...

Mmm. looks moist!