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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mango Salsa.

Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes. Oh how I love them.
Although we are very lucky in this country to have them nearly all year long, it always seems such a treat to me, to be able to buy a case of mangoes. Which I did, on Christmas Eve. The case contained 20 mangoes for only $15.00. The first five were eaten over the kitchen sink, making rather a mess of my hands and arms. So sweet and juicy, and so very yummy.

Tonight I made a mango salsa to go with leftover turkey, also had a green leaved salad, avocado and a egg and potato salad. This salsa would go well with most cold meats and a good strong cheddar cheese.

What you will need.
6 MANGO cheeks.
Juice of 1 LIME.

Dice the mango and scrap from the skin into a bowl.
Dice the red onion, and the chili, really small making sure you have no pips. Add to bowl.
Squeeze the lime over the mix already in the bowl and mix well trying not to break up the mango too much.

Keep in the fridge until ready to serve.
I think this would be lovely with savoury crackers and cheese as well.

1 comment:

arista said...

wow, a lovely summery meal - hope you had a happy Christmas x