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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas/Boxing Day Menu.

5 kilos of King Prawns (Lemoned finger bowls to rinse the pinkies)
Assorted savoury biscuits and a couple of dip.
1 whole leg of Ham.
1 5.4 kilos of Turkey breast with streaky bacon and cranberry sauce.
New potatoes salad with light sour cream and chives.
Green leaved salad.
Black tomatoes. (No fiddling with these, too good as they
are) KUMATO.
Alpine white mud cake (Still have to do the final icing layer
and decorate)
Glazed fruit cake. Mr. Kiplings Mince pies. (We adore only these)
Fruit salad. (Mangoes, Pineapple, Kiwifruit, Strawberries
and green Grapes.
Fruit and marshmallows kebabs with dipping chocolate.
Assorted cheeses (Triple creamed Brie, Strong Cheddar and
a blue of some sort)

This is sort of a buffet, it will be all out in the BBQ area,
yes there is a fridge out there and a couple of eskys filled with ice too.
Also doing cocktails, Grossmutters over ice, Sex on the beach,
Between the sheets, and Death in the afternoon.
There will also be beer, red wine and white wine.
Oh, and my cuppa PG Tips.
Have I missed anything?
YES, Mince pie muffins and cherry and
coconut mini loaves. PHEW


Semlan said...

Impressive menu!! I really wish I was there, but you´ll have to do without me (truly sorry te he!) ;)

islandgal246 said...

girl chile, you can really put a feast together. I am sooo sorry that I missed this one LOL. Well let us have a deal, you come and cook for me and I'll come and help you design and lay out your garden LOL Will add you to my blog list.